About Us

"Caimania" was born in England. The history of the brand dates back to the late 19th century, when the ancient English city of Birmingham, West Midlands, was famous for goldsmithing. At all times Birmingham was famous worldwide for its jewellers. Among them was Richard Carroll. Richard was called a "heaven-born goldsmith". His jewellery made of gold, platinum and precious stones stood high at queen Victoria's and King Edward VII royal court.

Richard Carroll was not only a notable jeweller, but also a brave traveller. "In order to create and excite people with new jewelry masterpieces, I need to be closer to nature. Nature is my inspiration, my source of strength"- said Richard about his passion. Whenever possible, Richard left his native Birmingham in search of unexplored places.

Once, when the jeweler was traveling in South America, his life was under threat. Richard's boat capsized in a swampy area, and the chances to get out of the swamp were reduced to zero. Hoping for a miracle, Richard grabbed a passing by crocodile. And a miracle happened - it was a caiman, which in nature is not as aggressive as the alligator. He helped Richard get to the shore, and in that way saved his life.

The story of how a caiman saved jeweller's life quickly spread around Birmingham. And after that Richard took the caiman as his mascot. Soon he named his jeweller's shop "Caiman's Jewelery". "Caiman's Jewelry" worked in Birmingham until the mid-twentieth century.

Carroll's heirs revived the work of their ancestor. In the 2000s, they created the brand "Caimania". Today "Caimania" is a small family business. Production is concentrated in the suburbs of Birmingham. Jewellers of "Caimania" specialize in decorating smartphones. Caimania iPhones are decorated with gold, Swarovski crystals and each of them is a true masterpiece. "Caimania" founders believe that Richard Carroll caught good luck itself in the waters of South America. And it will accompany their jewelry business for years to come.

In 2012 "Caimania" started sales in rapidly developing luxury iPhones 5 and later iPhones 5s market. Despite very limited number of phones produced, the price for iPhones 5 Caimania is relatively low.

In 2014 Caimania designed exclusive models of iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 with jewelry elements, exclusive leather, gems and yellow\rose gold 24ct and platinum.

In 2015 we moved our production capacity to Basel, Switzerland.

In 2015 also we started production of luxury electronic devices such as Apple Watch.

In 2016 we started production of hand engraved Apple Watch and iPhone 7.

In 2017 we made first hand engraving of stainless steel of iPhone X .

in 2018 Caimania started production of stable wood models.

Now you can buy manually decorated iPhone X Gold with delivery to many countries. On our website you can find many different variants of exclusive Caimania iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, and Apple Watch Series 3.