Caimania Mecca

Product Code: Mecca


Exclusive IPhone 6 model made by Caimania jewelry brand called Mecca. It’s named by the most sacred city in Islam to where every faithful Muslim dreams to hajj.

This cell phone combines the basic symbols of Islamic faith and unique advances of handmade jewellery.

The phone is covered with python skin, on request skin can be green that is of Prophet Mohammad favorite color. At the top of the phone there is a crescent encrusted with brilliant instead of the star with the mosque inside and inscription that the God is only one. At the bottom of the phone there is a Shahada that tells us about faith in Allah – it is a canonical Islamic element, the first and the most important one, an inviolable symbol of Islamic faith. On the edges of the phone there are handmade graven and golden (24K) traditional arabesques those gives the exquisite majesty to the unique and precious cell phone.